Battery Chargers

Andreja d.o.o. has the largest range of professional and commercial battery chargers in Serbia.


We represent the following global and European brands:


  1. professional battery chargers, available in sizes 2.5A to 40A, for 12V, 24V and 36V voltage systems. Made in Hungary. The ability to charge all types (conventional, AGM and Gel) of batteries.

  2. devices are from Germany and extremely efficient and modern devices for everyday use for all types of batteries. Some models also have the ability to charge Li-ion batteries. The latest models also support remote control via Bluetooth and the app on your phone. Available models for charging 6V, 12V and 24V batteries.

  3. are high quality appliances from Switzerland. Premium appearance and performance are the main features of these devices. We offer 12 and 12 / 24V models with charging current of 3.5 to 25A. All models in the IP65 waterproof case are ideal for use in cottages or boats.

  4. As a top battery manufacturer, it offers in our market 3 models of 12V battery chargers with a charging current of 3.8A to 15A. The devices are extremely compact, intelligent and with superior performance for all types of batteries.

  5. Special battery chargers and small capacity batteries. Ideal for charging 6 and 12V VRLA AGM stationary batteries and moto batteries. Available in models from 300mA to 5A charging current. They are characterized by an excellent price / performance ratio. For charging 6V and 12V batteries.

  6.  Professional battery chargers for traction batteries. Made in Italy. For all types of traction batteries: with liquid electrolyte, AGM technology or GEL technology. The ability to program the device depending on the capacity and technology of manufacturing the installed batteries. Rechargeable 12/24/36 / 48V.



To view all available models by brand of battery charger, please click the manufacturer’s logo!