Exide batteries

In our market, Andreja d.o.o. is a long-time partner and official importer of Exide Technologies. The cooperation started back in 2002 with modest quantities, but the constantly high quality of the product with always excellent price and constant development of the service network that covers the whole country today has led to a great recognition of the Exide market batteries in our market.



Exide Technologies is a world-renowned US manufacturer of lead batteries, whose wide range of products includes:

  • Starter batteries (all type of technologies – Lead-Acid battery, VRLA AGM and GEL technology)
  • Traction Batteries (VRLA AGM and GEL technology).


The company is divided into 4 groups (Transportation Americas, Transportation Europe and Rest of World, Industrial Power Americas, and Industrial Power Europe and Rest of World) that are in charge of battery sales and service delivery.


EXIDE Technologies is headquartered in Milton, Georgia USA, European Division located in Gennevilliers, France. The company has multiple manufacturing facilities and also manages several recycling facilities, both in the US and Europe Union.


EXIDE Technologies offers a wide range of Starter Batteries and Traction Batteries for vehicles ranging from small garden tractors to cars, forklifts, motorcycles, boats, golf vehicles, agricultural machinery, campers, buses and military equipment such as tanks and conveyor.


EXIDE has a wide portfolio of brands such as EXIDE ®, Sonnenschein ® Extreme, Maraton, EXIDE Orbital ®, Trailblazer ®, EXIDE RoadForce ®, EXIDE megacikl ®, Tudor ®, Fulmen ®, Deta ®, Centra ®, Hagen Batterie ®, i SuperCrank ®. EXIDE provides the transportation chain – from OEM assembly plants, to aftermarket products and support services through a network of distributors and dealers. The company’s products can also be found in original equipment of passenger car and truck in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Andreja d.o.o. offers the following Exide batteries:

  1. Exide Excell  – standard series of starter batteries for small – or medium-sized passenger vehicles
  2. Exide Premium Carbon Boost – The highest quality starter battery series with liquid electrolyte, with Exid’s patented Carbon-added technology, is recommended for vehicles with higher equipment packages and used predominantly in the short-haul city.
  3. Exide Start-Stop AGM – dry AGM batteries for the latest vehicles with the Start-Stop system. OE (Original Equipment) quality of original first installation!
  4. Exide Start-Pro – basic series of cargo batteries, for less demanding vehicles. Available in 110Ah capacities.
  5. Exide Power-Pro – reinforced battery series with increased starting current and capacity. For newer working machines and trucks. Available in capacities from 120Ah to 145Ah.
  6. Exide Power-Pro Agri&Contruction – special battery pack for increased capacity and start-up capability! Specially designed for working machines and tractors! Available in capacities from 152Ah to 172Ah.
  7. Exide Strong-Pro – The latest truck battery series for the latest trucks. Special construction and maximum vibration resistance (V4). The original battery for the latest Mercedes truck series with rear axle batteries. Available in 185Ah and 235Ah capacities.
  8. Exide Bike – complete series of high quality motorcycle batteries of all technologies (with liquid electrolyte, AGM technology and GEL technology). Also available soon are Li-ion motorcycle batteries! Available in sizes 3Ah to 30Ah.
  9. Exide Equipment Gel – Special Semi-Traction GEL Batteries. For powering electric vehicles, golf carts, wheelchairs, floor cleaning machines … etc. It is also recommended for stationary use in boats, caravans or solar systems. MADE IN GERMANY! Available in sizes 19Ah to 210Ah.


Battery production in Europe is divided into 4 factories (Italy, Poland, Spain and Germany). Exide batteries are used as the first, original installation by the following vehicle manufacturers: Fiat Group, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Iveco, Volvo Trucks, Scania, JCB, Claas, … etc.


All batteries are manufactured in accordance with the latest technology, fully matching the quality of the OEM (Original Equipment Market).


The latest battery technologies are used:

  • Ca-Ca + Carbon Boost Technology
  • AGM technology
  • Spiral Cell AGM Batteries
  • GEL technology