Optima Batteries

Andreja d.o.o. was the first to start official import and distribution of one of the most famous and long-lasting batteries in the world of Optima Batteries in 2001.


Optima Batteries are special dry AGM coil batteries. Fully maintenance free and liquid acid free. From a world-renowned manufacturer from the United States of America.


Ideal for off-road, SUV and short-haul vehicles … Taxis, ambulances, police vehicles … etc.


First installation in American vehicles of the brand: Jeep, Chrysler, Hummer …! Some versions are ideal for vehicles with lots of accessories.


It is widely used in various working and agricultural machines, tractors.


There are two versions of batteries in our standard range:

  1. Standard Redtop RT C 4,2L 50Ah – starter battery, starting current 815A
  2. Deep cycle version Yellow Top YT S 5.5 75Ah – battery for use both as a power supply and as a starter battery, starting current 975A. This model is also the strongest model in the complete range of Optima batteries!