Photovoltaic Panels and Equipment

Solar panels and equipment for solar applications are a new type of product offered by Andreja d.o.o., Temerin.


In 2013, our company started importing various equipment for solar systems


The offer includes the following types of equipment and appliances:

  1. Photovoltaic panels (Mono and Polycrystalline) in sizes from 20W to 300W
  2. Off-Grid Inverters (Modified Sinewave and Pure Sinewave) – 12, 24, 48V
  3. On-Grid Inverters
  4. Accessories (Solar Charge Controller, Cables, MC4 Connector…etc)
  5. Batteries for Solar system (Conventional batteries, AGM and GEL Technologies)
  6. Wind Turbines
  7. Solar water heating systems
  8. Solar Irrigation Pumps 


For details of the equipment offered, please click on the name of the equipment that interests you.


In addition to the wholesale equipment listed above, our company also performs the installation and installation of solar systems on buildings.


You can see our complete offer of solar panels, equipment, and water heating systems on our new site