Rombat batteries

Rombat, located in Bistrica, is currently the largest battery manufacturer in Romania. Founded in 1980, the company has become a national leader in battery manufacturing in 1997. The rhombus accumulates most in Italy, France and Germany, and often the batteries are the first, factory installation in many vehicles. Andreja d.o.o. has sold and distributed Rombat brand batteries in Serbia. We have identified three types of batteries for you:

  1. AGM for vehicles with Start & Stop technology
  2. Tundra with the latest technology.

1. Rombat AGM Start & Stop
These batteries are characterized by the following characteristics:
– For vehicles with advanced Start&Stop technology
– With regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies
– Innovative AGM-VRLA technology
– Superior stamina
– Longer life span
– No maintenance
– Available in sizes from 70Ah to 92Ah
– Warranty: 36 months


2. The Rombat Tundra
The Rombat Tundra batteries are the highest quality and latest products from the Metair Group’s Rombat SA. They are characterized by:
– Continuously cast Ca-Ca plates
– Completely reinforced panel frame for + 25% longer battery life
– Fully “Waterproof” battery with Duplex lid, built-in “magic eye” for quick battery status control
– Labyrinth Anti-Accumulation and Explosion Prevention System (except E6110)
– Premium product
– Completely maintenance free
– Purpose: For newer generation vehicles, without Start&Stop system, Optimal battery and for gasoline and especially for newer generation diesel vehicles (with HDI, TDI, DCI… etc.)
– Available in sizes from 50Ah to 110Ah
Warranty: 36 months