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Andreja d.o.o. started operating in 1997 and was initially involved in the sale and purchase of spare parts for agricultural machinery. In the early 2000s, the company began importing agricultural batteries and over time expanded the program to all other types of starter batteries:

  • for passenger vehicles,
  • for trucks,
  • for motorcycles,
  • for ships,
  • stationary and semi-traction batteries,
  • battery chargers and other equipment… etc.

In our market, since 2002, we have officially represented the world-famous American battery manufacturer EXIDE Technologies ...

… and their complete battery product range (Conventional, AGM  as well as GEL technology batteries).

The logical next step was to expand our product range to include other types of batteries, as well as to include in our offer and a large selection of battery equipment such as:

  • intelligent battery chargers,
  • battery testing equipment,
  • converters,
  • starter-booster devices,
  • very large range of different types of Battery accessories.. etc.

Since 2009, we  are the official importer of the Dutch battery brand Landport, which is the largest manufacturer and distributor of two-wheeled batteries in Europe. From battery testing equipment, we officially import the equipment from renowned Taiwanese manufacturer DHC Corp. , the Hungarian FOREX and the Swiss company Lemania.


At the beginning of 2010, we included in our offer LONG VRLA AGM batteries from Taiwan, which are extremely well known in the world and Europe.
Since 2012 the Power-MAX batteries have been launched on the Serbian market as a special brand in our ownership. Currently, we have a full range of starter batteries with capacities from 28Ah to 225Ah in three ranges (Power-MAX Pro, Power-MAX and Power-MAX Eco). All batteries in this series are manufactured in the EU.


In the next period,  we expanded our offer with the following brands: Energy Flo,, H-tronic, GYS and Pro-User from Germany, as well as SPE Electronica from Italy. The latest brand in our portfolio is NBA the semitraction batteries from Italy. The main feature of these conventional traction batteries is the tubular plates, which have up to 3 times the number of cycles compared to conventional plate batteries!

Since 2013, photovoltaic panels, equipment and batteries for solar systems have been an integral part of our range.

Our newest partner is the Rombat battery manufacturer who is the member of Metair Group.

The sales network is in expansion and therefore the service network. For all brands and products in our offer, service and maintenance is provided in nearly 70 authorized services throughout our country. You can view the service network here.


Andreja d.o.o. is headquartered in Temerin(around 80km from Belgrade), where there is a central warehouse and service together with wholesale and retail shop. Beside Temerin we have offices and shops located in the following cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac. All in all we are present in 8 locations in Serbia. The plan is to open additional outlets.

In addition to the import, distribution, wholesale and retail of batteries and battery equipment (Exide, Power-Max, Rombat, Landport, Long and DHC, H-tronic, Pro-User, Forex and NBA semi-traction batteries) from our range, we also carry out in our branches the following services:

  1. Vehicle electrical installation check
  2. Battery and Charger check (12V, 24V)
  3. Measurement of reserve capacity and starting capacity of batteries
  4. Serviceable battery charging and desulfatization


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