Starter boosters

Boosters or Starter devices are intended for auxiliary starting of engines of passenger and cargo vehicles, buses, work machines or heavy machinery at 12V or 24V!

In its assortment, Andreja offers boosters from the following manufacturers:

  1. Power-Max boosters have an internal AGM battery with extremely high starting capacity, maintenance-free and liquid electrolyte. These boosters are made in Switzerland. The starting current ranges from 600A to 3100A (max. current load up to 6200A).
  2. GYS professional boosters are manufactured in France and powered from the AC distribution network. Some models also have a battery charging function.
  3. DECA professional boosters are manufactured in the factory in San Marino. They belong to the most robust devices on the market, they do not have an internal battery, they are used exclusively with mains AC power

General features of the device:

  • Built-in protection to protect the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Some models (Power-Max PB02 and PB19) have SOUND AND LIGHT warning in case of reversed polarity connection!
  • Protection against accidental pole reversal with double fuses.
  • The possibility of charging and using the device in any position, without the risk of damage or failure of the device
  • Some models have a built-in indicator of the state of charge of the starter’s internal battery.
  • Power-Max boosters come with a quality automatic charger that ensures the booster is always ready for use!
  • All boosters have an extremely robust housing made of highly resistant plastic or metal (GYS).
  • With the Power-Max booster, it is possible to replace the original internal battery (at an authorized service center).
  • Some models of the Power-Max booster have an integrated LED lamp in the contact clamps of the device
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