Additional equipment – Solar

Accessories are critical to the successful installation and maintenance of any solar system. Andreja DOO offers a wide range of top quality accessories from well-known brands such as Chiko, EGE Kablo, Felicitysolar, Fronius, Growatt, Noark, ProUser, Victron Energy, Voltronic Power, and of course, products under our name ANDREJA d.o.o.

Panel mounting systems – brackets : Robust and durable, our brackets ensure safe and stable mounting of solar panels on various surfaces, including roofs, ground or walls.

Cables and connectors: High-quality cables and connectors are essential for the safe and efficient transmission of electricity. Our range includes different types and sizes, tailored to your specific needs.

Solar system monitoring : With our advanced monitoring systems, you will always be informed about the performance of your solar system, allowing you to maximize efficiency and identify and solve any problems in time.

Electrical Equipment: We offer a wide variety of electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, protective devices, and control panels, which are essential to safely and efficiently manage the electrical energy in your solar system.

DC-DC converters: Our DC-DC converters enable precise voltage conversion, which is crucial for the optimal functioning of the various components of the solar system.

Battery Chargers : Ensure your batteries are always charged and ready to go with our efficient and reliable battery chargers.

Solar LED floodlights and LED bulbs: Light up your space in an environmentally friendly way using our range of solar LED floodlights and bulbs, which provide high quality light with minimal energy consumption.

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