Power-Max batteries

Andreja DOO proudly presents the Power-Max battery brand, the pinnacle of innovation in the world of middle-class batteries. Our products are a symbol of outstanding reliability, superior performance, incomparable quality and optimal price. Each Power-Max battery is a masterpiece, crafted with classic plates that guarantee longevity and relentless durability, even under the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to revolutionary pocket separation technology, our batteries provide impressive starting currents and extended capacity, ensuring your vehicle’s stability and efficiency at all times. Advanced production technology, carefully selected construction and plate fastening method additionally ensure flawless functioning of the battery, even in conditions of intense vibrations and loads.

The variety of our offer includes:

  • Power-Max Pro Series : Elite choice with increased starting current, ideal for modern vehicles aged 5 to 15 years. Enjoy security with a 30-month warranty and capacities from 44 to 100Ah. Manufacturer: Exide Technologies, EU.
  • Power-Max Standard Series : Reliable batteries with optimal characteristics, intended for vehicles with less additional equipment and regular driving. Available in capacities from 45Ah to 220Ah with a warranty period of 30 months. Manufacturer: Vipiemme Srl., EU.
  • Power-Max Asia : Specialized models designed specifically for Asian vehicles, equipped with narrow clamps and custom dimensions. Choose from our range, which includes models for Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda vehicles, with an integrated “magic eye” for quick condition checks. Warranty period: 30 months.
  • Power-Max Agri Series : Specifically designed for work machines, lawnmowers, tractors and similar equipment, guaranteeing reliability and durability in the field.
  • Power-Max Eco Series : The most cost-effective option for older generation vehicles, it offers solid performance with minimal consumption.
  • Power-Max GEL-AGM are specially produced stationary accumulators (batteries) primarily intended for solar systems and other stationary use. Advantages of Gel batteries: maximum utilization of capacity, minimal self-discharge, long service life, possibility of partial charge-discharge. They are available in capacities of 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah and 400Ah/2V. We also offer smaller models made in AGM technology intended for smaller UPS devices, alarm and telephone switchboards from 5Ah to 18Ah.

Join the growing number of satisfied users and feel the difference with Power-Max batteries. Andreja DOO is your reliable partner on the way to unlimited energy.

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