Solar Systems

Solar systems are a key component of a modern, sustainable and ecological way of life. Andreja DOO offers a wide range of solar systems for different needs and applications, including on-grid and off-grid systems, as well as specialized systems for solar irrigation. Our offer includes products from leading brands such as Power-Max and Voltronic Power, which guarantee reliability, efficiency and longevity.

On-grid systems are ideal for those who want to reduce electricity costs and at the same time contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. They are connected to the local electricity grid, allowing you to sell the excess energy produced back to the company that supplies you with electricity. These systems are perfect for residential and commercial buildings in urban areas.

Off-grid systems are independent and ideal for locations that are not connected to the electrical grid. They provide complete independence, making them the perfect solution for remote homes, cottages and work camps. With these systems, your home or office will be supplied with energy regardless of where you are.

Solar irrigation represents a revolutionary approach in agriculture, enabling efficient use of water and energy. These systems use solar energy to run pumps that irrigate fields, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency in water management.

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